Monday, February 18, 2008

talk about boring

what I did today:

* Tended to a sick child. Fever, plus hacking cough. Lovely.

* Kvetched about one of the pitfalls of being a single mom...feeling like you need things from the store for the sick kid, but not feeling like you can leave the sick kid home alone while you go to the store.

* Made chicken soup 3 times.

* Said, "Cover your mouth when you cough, please" 87 times.

* Washed and folded 6 piles of laundry.

* Spent far too much time getting lost on Ravelry.

* Cast on and knit half the yoke of Juliet (would have knit more, if it weren't for getting lost on Ravelry...such a time sucker...but a fun one).

* Felt lonely and left the cooking channel on for background noise for 11 hours.

* Pondered joining the "Mission Possible 2008" a-long.

* Spent a couple of hours in the closet untangling unused yarns and UFO's (UnFinished Objects, for the non-knitters).

* Photographed 17 items I would consider putting on the required list of 12, and didn't even make it through the whole closet (this doesn't count the yarn outside the closet, either). Pathetic. Hand me a garbage bag. Or a blowtorch.

* Contemplated the fact that trying to complete my UFO's as part of this challenge is probably insane considering I have Pay It Forward still to complete, plus a year of knitted lace starts being delivered March 1st (four lace shawls: March, June, September,'s the "Change Of Seasons" subscription club by Wooly Wonka Fibers).

* Went to look at the blog of the designer of the first shawl in the lace club, and started to freak out.

* Started thinking that maybe if I'm going to do Mission Possible, I'd best go revisit the stash and pick yarns that I am willing to set on fire.


The Bon said...

I love Miriam's shawls. I'm not part of the club, but I am looking forward to seeing how her design ends up.

Ick to the sick! Sounds very much like the flu that kept my boss home from work for two weeks. Hopefully he won't be so sick. My mom was telling me that a. we're having a late flu season and b. that this strain that's hitting isn't one that they predicted would be about so even with a flu shot folks have no immunity towards it. Interesting, methinks.

Carrie said...

Ooo, sounds like you're having a terrible day =( Sorry about the fellow having flu. On the other hand, definitely join Mission Possible! Heck, you're knitting anyway, right?

Mouse said...

Poor guy! I have the 'crud' that is going around and its miserable.. I've been whacked out on cold medication for over a week now just to drag my sorry a$$ out of bed.
I try to stop myself from joining any sort of 'alongs' because I never finish them.. I'm just going to watch the Mission Possible folks- there's no way I'm committing to all of that!

JohnK said...

How many alongs can one person do? I'm thinking there should be a new Ravelry group. Alongers anonymous. (probably already exists, I'll have to check).

Hope sickness passes quickly.

Ravelry is a rabbit hole.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Bon ~ This had BETTER not last two weeks. Gah!

Carrie ~ Yes, knitting anyway...but I think if I do this I need to focus less on finishing UFO's and more on the burning of yarn. LOL

Mouse ~ We are out of cold medicine :-(

John ~ I was thiking, "Shut up! I am NOT part of that many!"...and then I looked at my sidebar. It doesn't even have the lace group up yet.
You win.
"My name is TheAmpuT, and I am Along Aholic...."

Jennie said...

OMG, that pitfall-of-the-single-mom... I HATE that pitfall! That's when you call Kind Friend Who Always Asks What She Can Do and *ask*.

Or do