Thursday, March 20, 2008

the how many things can we cram into one post post

There are four topics that need to go into this post, but it's almost midnight, so that just aint gonna happen. Dance class ran long (we did circle dancing for the spring equinox).
Here's two out of four.
Next up will be posts about Riley and Lloyd, but for now it's Fatima and Fred.

Things Around My House Thursday (12 of 52)

Hand of Fatima hangs on the front door

I've had this Hamsa hanging on the front door of my homes for many years. It does come down every once in awhile so I can put up something seasonal, which I enjoy doing, even though it makes me feel a little "Martha".


Mr Roger's Sweater Day

Previously blogged about in this post.

Today was the day to wear a favorite sweater in honor of Fred Rogers. I wore the only full sweater I have knit (to date).

"Under The Hoodie" by Kristen Spurkland, from the book Stitch N Bitch. If you're on Ravelry, here's a link.

I knit this back in 2005 with yarn that was purchased for me as a birthday gift. That makes it a true Friendship sweater, in my book. I couldn't have afforded this particular yarn any on my own. Rowan Kid Classic (wool and kid mohair *kachink!*).

I wore the sweater today in the morning until it got to warm outside (but, I'll say it again: yay, spring!!), and then the temperatures took a huge dive in the evening hours after the sun went down, so I wore it again to and from dance class.

It's now 11:58pm. Talk about cutting it close.


JohnK said...

Yay, Spring

Anonymous said...

Nice sweater! Love those colors. :)

And yes, yay spring!

FairyGodKnitter said...

Lovely sweater, Kid Classic is my absolutely favorite yarn.