Thursday, March 06, 2008

things around my house thursday, 10 of 52

As promised, for this week's Things Around My House Thursday I'm showing you the mojo I have placed at my entry into my house, which is from the garage into the den.

It's a statue of Quan Yin, a wooden carving of an open hand, and a (really dirty, because it's never lit) candle. The candle is just there as a symbol to call forth mindfulness.

All of this sits on a wooden shelf, right next to the bird seed, and one shelf above the cat litter (which I haven't had the heart to pass along to someone yet).

Photographing this makes me think I need to spruce the area up a bit. Maybe some color or some fabric or something.

I've been numbering these weekly posts, and just today realized that I was somehow numbering them all "7 of 52" (which is odd, since I am so aware that time seriously flies). Anyhow, I went back and edited them to correct the titles. My apologies if doing that caused them to repopulate in your bloglines.


Just to respond to a few comments (because I haven't been so good about that lately)...

No, I'm not okay, but I'll be fine (if that makes any sense).
I can't imagine anyone wants to read my whining.
I know I need to post more about dance, but it's difficult as dance is a love/hate relationship for me right now.
And thank you so much for stopping by if you are new to visiting my corner of the blogosphere.


Julie R. said...

Dearest Ms. AmpuT --

Thank you ever so much for stopping by my blog today. I've been remiss in visiting the blogs of others, and I really do enjoy reading yours.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time -- I haven't had the time to read back and find out why. I can, however, say that I think I understand to a certain degree. These large life changes have a way of ... well ... changing our lives, and although we can go through most days successfully coping with the new normal that is ours, there are those days where the changes loom over us and occupy way too much space.

I hope the gloom passes quickly and that unexpected blessings will muscle their way into your life and fill you with joy. It's there ... and it wants to be yours!

Max Lyons said...

yeah! i remember you :)

Well i guess in my view just about everyone is either not a dork or partial-dork.

And i think i'm going to allow partial dorks for the most part.

Jennie said...

I have nothing useful to say, except that I hope you feel better soon, and hi.