Sunday, March 09, 2008

the trouble with juliet

Several times during the knitting of my little Juliet cardigan, I have put her on waste yarn and tried her on.

I tried her on after joining the body to create the raglan sleeves, and then again after knitting another inch or so on the body, so I could determine if it was the right time to switch to the lace pattern. After the first 3 repeats of the lace I tried her on again and was pleased with how she was fitting.

I was thinking I'd need 6-7 lace repeats in total, but it was hard to tell how many repeats would get her to hit that perfect spot on the hips (the one that makes my "troubles" go away). For a little cotton summer thing, she was getting quite heavy, and I suspected she'd stretch.

Here is my Lady Capulet, last Tuesday after 6 repeats. I had taken her off the needles one last time to check her out before either one more repeat or just knitting on the border.

So near, and yet so far.

It was in that last go round of trying her on that I realized if I finished her, I'd probably never wear her. The transition of the empire waist was totally in the wrong place for my liking.

My Juliet lacks shape. She makes me feel like I'm wearing a maternity top. If I put a hibiscus behind my ear, I'd feel like I was wearing a mumu.

I have since ripped the lace out all the way back to the garter stitch section, and I'm going to extend that portion to down to below "the girls" in hopes that my Juliet drapes better and maybe gives me my waistline back. I'm not so sure it's going to help, but we shall see.

Frogging is such sweet sorrow.


InkyW said...

You know I just got yarn to make Juliet. I spent my $100 supercrafty gift cert I won at CrazyAuntPurl's waaay back in December or November. On yarn I would have never spent that kind of money on (Misti Alpaca Chunky). I hope it looks good on me, it'll be my first real sweater-ish sort of thing.

I looked long and hard at all the Juliet's on ravelry and the longer bodice is much more flattering on just about everyone but tiny flat chested girls. if you have any slope to your girls, then the longer bodice is the way to go :)

Sorry you have to frog, but at least it's a fast knit eh?

Kerry said...

The color is great though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Its cute for sure.. I think you just need to change where the bodice hits. I try to stay away from anything with poofy cap sleeves because of how terrible it looks on me- so there's no way I'm knitting that. I'll just admire from a far.