Thursday, April 03, 2008

captain, we have a stowaway

ummm, ya' think he knows we're going somewhere??

Never fear. Riley will be in good hands. He's got TheMostImportantGuy looking after him, and when I'm in his hands, I'm always taken good care of :-)

That photo was taken with my new (replacement) camera. I really didn't want to go spending the dough right now, but this trip is for my grandma's 90th birthday/family reunion, and I did not want to risk that getting effed-up on a disposable camera. Besides that, MyFavoriteKid will be expected to present to his classmates a journal showing the historical places we are planning to take him to. it's his replacement classwork. When I spoke to the teacher about it, she told me he could bring the pictures in a disc and she'd display them with her laptop. She's younger than I am. I wonder if she's ever seen film. Hahahaha. I was half expecting her to tell him he should make a PowerPoint presentation or something.

Anyhow, back to the TheMIG and his good hands....
The camera. I told him what features I wanted, he did the research, read the reviews, placed the order, and delivered it to me in time for the trip. He's even going out today to pick up a camera bag for me (I love him so). Because I was supposed to do that today myself and I didn't have time.

Want to know why??

I was originally going to write a post today thanking Expedia for totally frickfracking up my day, but I've calmed down a bit since then. But this morning?? I logged on to print out the itinerary (which I booked in December) only to find that the flights and been canceled and I had been re-booked. And not notified! Whee! That only took me about 2-1/2 hours worth of phone calls to straighten everything out.

It's left my day in shambles, several commitments being canceled or postponed, and many to-and-from-the-airport arrangements to be shuffled around.

Ahhhh, life.

(this is why I bought the RV, by the way...but I booked the flight before I bought it...or trust me, I'd have driven to Boston!)


Anonymous said...

What a little pumpkin! So cute!

But I thought you were driving to Boston. I'm mildly disappointed that I won't get to view the land-yacht in person. ;) But I'm so happy you're still coming. I hope I'm over this frickin' head cold -- no, really, this time it IS just a head cold -- by the time you are ready to play.