Sunday, May 11, 2008

empty letters

Delayed post, here (per Blog365 rules)...
I was off the grid, but the content you see here was created Sunday.

After the track meet yesterday, MyFavoriteKid went off with his dad for the weekend. Today they are going to TheEx's mom's house (MyFk's grandma) to celebrate the earlier part of Mother's Day.

Since they split, I took out my mom for a mother's day lunch at our favorite rustic little joint on the Napa River.

After lunch was over, TheMostImportantGuy and I drove out to see his family. We took the MiniMaison (the van) and set up our little hotel on wheels in his sister's driveway. I love being able to do that.

Came home tonight to spend the rest of the evening with MyFK, finally...because hey it is my mother's day, too. He gave me a great card by Hoops & Yoyo (one of my most favorite things ever) because they always make me laugh....

.....but then came the funnier thing.

Waiting in the mailbox for me from the weekend was MyFK's letter home to me from camp. It was suggested we send stationary and self addressed stamped envelopes (suggestion take).

Well, I get the letter two days after he's been back, but whatever. I am so excited because while he was gone and I was missing him I had kept checking for a letter every day, and now here it finally was. He sat down next to me, and I opened it with him on my lap.

The stationary inside was blank.

My mother's day spun into a spiral of drama. Me laughing my ass off, and wondering if he just goofed and mailed the wrong thing or if he just sent me a blank letter. He getting all distressed because he had spent so much time on this letter.

Well, I finally found it. He had never put the letter into the envelope for mailing. He had put it back in the bag that held all the stationary items. It had been sitting in my house since Friday afternoon tucked inside his suitcase!

And it was a good letter.
And he did spent a lot of time on it.
This kid is great.


Anonymous said...

He IS great. I will testify to that. :)