Friday, May 30, 2008

hide the fleece

If you are both a fiber fanatic and a friend of fuzzy animals, please do read this post over at Knitting With Dogs.

Sad, but helpfully cautionary....especially since my dog Riley has both gotten into my yarn and roving, and has shown a keen interest in that stinky sheep stuff MyFavoriteKid brought home a few weeks ago. I have it double zip locked and stashed out of my sight, but not far enough out of the sight of my dog. If he really got bored and did a little creative sniffing, he'd find it for sure.

I moved it.


Lorena said...

Wow. That's... that's just horrible. I've always kept mine in plastic bins to keep it away from the cats. Guess those bins are doing double duty now.

:runs to go pet dog:

Janice in GA said...

The stinky sheep stuff was what interested Lucky. Keep it away from ALL animals. :(

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

lorena ~ that is exactly what I did. Go pet dog. After moving the fleece that was in a ziplock on the floor of the laundryroom, that is. Oh, and the laundryroom that is off the kitchen and is where his food bowls get set down. Duh.

janice ~ *hugs* *big hugs*