Wednesday, May 07, 2008

how am i supposed to enjoy the break when the school district keeps giving me a heart attack?

If you are following along, this first bit is rehash...

* MyFavoriteKid is away for the week with his school on an Outdoor Education trip.

* I have been away from him for long periods before, but he's always been with members when I have been gone. This is his first time away from family. I was invited to come along on the trip as a supervising parent, but I opted to let him have his first non-family experience. Besides, a week off. Hey, sorry. Single mom here. Nice break.

* I am happily on "vacation", which sadly has not meant a trip to shangra-la. It's meant catching up with all of the tasks and appointments that I have been too busy for.

* MyFK's biggest fear is that his picky eating habits will result in his being starved to death on this trip.

* Yesterday was when I realized how uncomfortable I am that I can't call him to check in with him. Yeah, I've been gone for as long as almost 3 weeks, but on most trips I call every day.

But guess what has happened since he has been gone???


The school district has called.

They NEVER call me for ANYTHING.

The phone rings, and the caller-id screen displays the name of the school district and first I have a friggin' heart attack. Then right before my eyes pass visions of my driving out into a field somewhere to pick up a kid that has been bitten by a snake, or now has west nile virus, or lyme disease, or who has passed out because he wont try peanut butter and jelly.

The first time the phone rang it was the music department calling to update the credit card that I use to bill his clarinet rental to (that card was "compromised" last week---more fun for me to deal with this week while he is gone. That has sucked up at least one whole "day off").

The second call was from the principal. An automated voicemail message letting us all know there is a community meeting about the new high school. I almost puked when I heard her voice before realizing it was a recording.

Now how am I supposed to enjoy myself when they keep calling?!
They should have sent out blood pressure medication with the parent packet.


InkyW said...

Or at least something recreational :)

It's good to see you're being very grown up about MFK being gone. Now try to enjoy at least one day of your child-free vaca!!