Friday, May 09, 2008

thanks, and he's back

Thank you all so very much for your feedback on yesterday's post. I really appreciate it, and I did take some steps today to resolve the situation, including having the locks changed. I don't want to get into the other stuff right this second, because I'm choosing to focus on my enjoyment of MyFavoriteKid's return.

When I picked him up from school, he immediately told me had something special for me, and it had to do with knitting, and it had taken him awhile to get it together.

The sheep at the Outdoor Education School had been sheared, and a little bit was given to each kid. MyFK spent a huge chunk of time asking around and collecting little bits from all over the camp. He brought me home a big mass of really beautifully colored fiber...

...that realllllly reeks of seriously stinky farm animal. I love it, I'm just admiring it from inside a ziplock freezer bag. I wonder what the names of the sheep were. One of them just has to have been "P.Ewe".

Seriously way to doubt that my kid knows me and loves me.


In other news, MyFK and I went to the clubhouse tonight to play Bunko. He won the pot for the most Bunkos and I won the pot for the highest score, so we got the $18 back, plus a couple extra for an icecream cone.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a thoughtful gesture!

"I love it, I'm just admiring it from inside a ziplock freezer bag..."


The Bon said...

He is so thoughtful. You've definitely done good with that boy. ;) also, if you want to make it stink less? hot water with dawn. Don't agitate too much, and don't let the water get cold or the ick will redeposit on the fiber.

jodi said...

What an awesome kid. Time for combing and carding lessons!

So, what's the status of your summer trip plan? Will we be seeing you up our way?

Carrie said...

My mom loves Bunko! She says I have to come play some time. Hehe. That was sweet of your son. I read that out loud, just to give the family some hints on how to act. =) Very cool.