Tuesday, July 01, 2008

i don't do this all that often....

...but I'm telling you, you should see this movie:

I saw a preview for it when it was in the theaters and I totally dismissed it as being some stupid comedy about a guy with a blow-up doll for a girlfriend. I am so thankful that I saw a second preview for it elsewhere just as it was being released onto dvd, because it was the second look at it that made me curious enough to rent it.

It has funny moments for sure, but it's not a comedy in the way the trailers portray it. It is really about a guy who has trouble relating to people, and how the doll becomes the conduit for how he processes his issues, and how the whole scenario has a way of integrating himself into his community. It was extremely moving, and every time I felt like it was just about to go over the top, it pulled back or sideways or something, and made for pleasurable movie watching tension.

Oh, and if you are a knitter?? You have to at least watch it for all the hand knits in the movie. From the very first scene, I was saying to myself, "Someone made that. That is hand knit." (ok, so I probably said that out loud and drove TheMostImportantGuy nuts, but at least I wasn't in the theater). There is even a scene in the movie with actual knitting action.

This movie is definitely going on my list of all time faves.


The Bon said...

I loved this movie. We saw it in the theatre with a group. The only thing that spoiled it for me? The group of middle aged and elderly women behaving badly behind us [talking, opening candy wrappers very slowly, etc].

Have you seen/heard of Charlie Bartlett? That was another great movie about finding your place in the world. Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this movie and no one I know watched it. I tell everyone I know that they should see this one. Other people said they didn't see it because they thought it was about a guy and his blow up doll. I tell them it is not that kind of movie AT ALL! I love the fact that he said she had to stay at his brothers because they weren't married...Ha so cute.

EkC said...

I've been interested in seeing this movie; thanks for the recommendation! I've heard that Charlie Bartlett was really good, too. I like Robert Downey Jr. :)

jane said...

forgot that i wanted to see this - it was in and out of the cinema very quickly here until i saw a trailer for it today on a dvd we were watching (death at a funeral -serious giggle producing movie - we loved it). anyway, hoping to see it tomorrow.


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

bon ~ oooh no, I will have to add that to my queue!

wendy ~ yeah, hard to make people believers from the description of it. I almost skipped it myself!

ekc ~ it's not to be missed ;-)

jane ~ hope you saw it and liked it!