Friday, July 18, 2008

may i suggest....

It's not often that I go pimping a product around these parts, but forgive me as I turn into an infommercial.

One of the things I missed about my old house (okay, maybe the only thing I missed about my old house), was that I had a 4 foot wooden rod hung up in the laundry room that I could use for air drying my clothes. See, I like to air dry my clothes. They don't shrink, they don't fade, and it's much better on the ol' energy bill, and is just an outright "greener" way to do things. When I moved to the new house, I struggled with how to recreate that without making the laundry room inaccessible.

I absolutely cannot stand those wooden accordian racks. They are cumbersome, don't store well, and don't hold enough clothing for me. I looked at getting a swing-arm sort of contraption that would mount to the wall or over a door, and would given only about 12" of hanging space.

That is when I found this:

It's called a "HangAway", and I bought mine at QVC (shut up), for $22 plus S&H (where you can also buy two of them for $39.78). I only bought the one, but if I had I house full of kids, I'd consider a house full of these things, because I love it so. I've been using it for over a year now.

Look at it fully loaded:

That's an entire load full of laundry there. Dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, plus a few unmentionalbes ;-) It is rated to hold up to 50 lbs, and it has a total of about 36" in drying space between the three arms. The thing is never tippy, and I can even move it around a bit by reaching through the clothes and picking it up by the center rod.

When I'm done with it, I can fold it down and stick it in the closet. It folds up like an umbrella. Very easy. Two push buttons, one top, one bottom.

Of course, it certainly doesn't hurt that it matches the yellow of my laundry room.

Being that it is portable, I can dry clothes outside if I want to. I also plan to use it for putting clothes out at the garage sale. I think this could also be a great solution for a vendor that sells hanging items at fairs and what not.

Of course, it slices, and dices, too.
And if you act now, and we'll send you.........


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Mouse said...

Neat! I think I need one of those with my current lack of a dryer. I don't like those wooden racks either because the cat always loved to tip the one I had over AND all the clothes were covered in cat fur from her 'loving' on them.

Carol said...

I'd like to hear more about the four-foot rod (heh, heh).

Carrie said...

Wow, what an excellent find! I'm putting that on my Xmas list. I love hanging my clothes, for all the reasons you mentioned, and I love how it folds away to nothing.

Ha, Ha, Carol - I was drinking my coffee, and didn't see that comment til I was in mid drink =)

Woofgangpug said...

I've got one of those Hangaways myself and it's probably the greatest labor saver I own. It would be perfect if it was taller--my slacks are too long to hang on it really well.