Monday, August 18, 2008

first day of middle school and mommy has homework (?!)

MyFavoriteKid had his first day of Middle School today. I was allowed to take a few steps onto the campus with him (under the guise of needing to swing by the office for the bus schedule), but I wasn't permitted to go as far as even teh quad or the homerooms. I already knew that I wasn't going to get a hug or a kiss goodbye in front of anybody, so I was ready for that....but I was even refused a high five.

I had prepared myself for seeing him looking "all grown up" this morning in that environment, but that is not what happened at all. Instead, I saw the 8th graders looking "all grown up" and suddenly he looked so much younger. And impressionable (hahahaha). It was just about then when it hit me smack in the face that MyFK is going to make a huge leap into coolness this year. Which means I will sink into uncoolness).
*sigh again*

Other points of interest today:

MyFK called me after school to ask if he could ride the school bus home instead of riding home with me, as we had previously planned. I thought that was a great, to be honest with you. Ride the bus every day! But it sure would have been nice if he had been excited about taking the bus YESTERDAY. Like, before I had already driven across town and spent 20 minutes trying to negotiate the friggin' parking lot.

Anyhow, even though I was already there, I let him ride the bus.

So guess what he does, though.
He gets on the bus with his best buddy.

~~ding, dong.....helloooooooooooo~~
He gets off the bus and has a 25 minute walk to the house.
(*more sighing now??*

Oh, yes....and one last point.
MyFK had no homework today.
(wtf is up with that!!??!?!?!?)

I have to write an essay about my kid. Yay me.
So much for turning the heel of that sock tonight.

One of the other things that came home today was the school's event calendar.

So, you guys.....
Do you think I should I be scared about January 8th???
Maybe plan on being out of town or something???


M-H said...

It may not be as scarey as all those bingo nights. Brrrr!

Anonymous said...

I think I like that school. That teacher anyway. They're actually asking for your view of your kid!
I don't know YFK's age offhand, but I do recall that age 13 was a very weird year; I looked back when I was 14 and could feel the difference. Knit on through all events...

Carol said...

Those PTO moms scare the shit out of me.

I would try for the terrorist fist jab tomorrow morning. Maybe it's low-key enough to get away with instead of the high five.

Mouse said...

Yeah.. I was thinking that the PTO nights sound WAY scarier than "nightmare on puberty street"..

Dragonfly7673 (Vicki) said...

Oh, my goodness, I was giggling enough at the stuff about the bus because that sounds so much like my own FK, but then the calendar at the end has me dying.

Again, I'm glad 6th is not middle school here. I live by the middle school and even for 7th and 8th there is such a huge difference between the kids that look like kids and the kids that look like young adults. And my kid definitely still looks like a kid

~Donna~ said...

wtf...homework for Mom?!? No fair. And I'll take puberty over PTO functions any day. :)

imightbeapryl said...

lol....what a great teacher! i think that's a fabulous idea. my son is high functioning autistic and i start the school year out with giving the teacher The List...but how great would it be for teachers to have all that important insight on EVERY kid :)

btw...very cool of you to let him ride the bus. you definitely earned Awesome Mom points with that one.