Thursday, August 21, 2008

please make it stop

I love the Olympics and they are killing me. It seems all the fun happens at around 11pm, it seems, doesn't it? I tuck myself into bed every night, turn on the Olympics and set the tv's sleep timer so that I can doze off to some boring sports event, but that just aint been the case now has it! NOoooooo. Every night it's some nailbiter to the hundredth of a second, or some crazy tie breaking rule, or a really great match up of teams, or or or or....

It just doesn't stop. And then I get all excited and can't get to sleep, and then the next day I do it all over again.

I love the Olympics. But I need them to be over!


Lorena said...

Amen, sister! My sleep schedule is so messed up right now, and every day I feel like I'm dragging just a little bit more slowly. I love the Olympics, but. But!

Beccaie said...

But if they didn't save the tense stuff until the end, everyone would fall asleep during the last hour. Their ratings might drop. /sarcasm

Soon. It will be over soon.