Sunday, August 24, 2008

so, who am i going to blame once the olympics are over?

This morning I started to knit a little footie sport-sock with the leftover yarn from the Over The Knee Yoga/Pilates Sock.

I was still half asleep when I cast-on. Why? Because I was up until the wee hours watching the men's Olympic basketball finals.

While I knit, I watched the men's water polo finals. I knit the cuff, I made the heel-flap, and i picked up the gusset stitches. I did a fabulous job on the gusset, I might add. I did that fancy thing where you pick up a couple extra stitches in the corner to close the gap, and I also knit into the back of the loop on the picked up stitches to make them a little tighter. It's all in the details, right? Nice sock.

I watched the women's WhateverYouCallIt (some sort of dance-ish gymnastics with props that I never knew existed). That was cool. I took a break to go up to the swimming pool and have some lunch. Then I picked up the sock to knit again, and kept chugging my way down the gusset doing my decreases. I kept looking at the sock because something just didn't quite look right. No matter how many times I looked at it, I couldn't place it, so I just I assumed that the sock looked different to me because it had no calf to it (this is my first shorty sport sock).

It took me until the beginning of the Olympic evening program and the men's volleyball to figure it out.

I forgot to turn the heel *sigh*.

I'm going to blame it all the Olympics, not my skill. For two weeks now, the Olympics have both distracted and exhausted me. And while I have totally enjoyed watching as many of the events as I was able to, I am sooooo glad that tonight is the last night, and I am sooooo glad that I will now be able to go to sleep earlier, and I am sooooo glad this doesn't happen again for another 4 years.

Okay, 2 years. Because you know I'll do this again for the winter Olympics, too.


Mouse said...

That dancey gymnastic thing with the props is called rhythmic gymnastics.. or it was when my sister-in-law was doing it in competitions. I haven't been watching the Olympics but I always enjoyed the floor gymnastics stuff. Sorry about your heel turn- that sucks! All that picking up stitches/counting/increasing/heel flappiness is why I do short row heels... its way less to think about.

Wheelchair Dancer said...

guess you have a while before the paralympics start...


Carol said...

Haha, now you can stay up and watch the, um, Democratic Convention?

Srsly, though, I suspect some of the speakers will be quite good...