Thursday, August 07, 2008

things around my house thursday

Well, here we are.
Things Around My House Thursday (Number ?? of 52)
(actually, I have no idea what number I am on, but whatever it is, it's behind wherever it should be *sigh*)

I've been holding onto these photos for weeks. I have been afraid to show you. I'm afraid you will all think I'm insane (I know. As if you don't already).

Okay. Here we go.

I have one of those very fancy closet systems in my bedroom. It cost me a pretty penny, I adore it, and when most people see it they get closet envy (which is not why I bought it....I actually got a fancy closet system so that I wouldn't need dressers. Dressers take up floor space, and wheelchair users like lots of floorspace. Trust me).

As fancy as my closet system is, I hang my clothes on cheap plastic hangers.

Not just any old cheap plastic hangers. I'm talking 'bout the ones you get for free when you buy clothes from that store (the one that rhymes with Fargut). You know the hangers. The ones that are color coded at the top. S-M-L-XL. You know those?
I've been collecting them for years.

Okay. Well, when I kick back in my bed at night, I am basically staring directly into my closet. I mean, my closet is so big that there is even a television in there. The danged thing is also my entertainment center. I even store my yarn in a portion of it, if you recall.

Anyhow, I'd been laying in bed every night staring into the closet, and I was really getting sick of looking at the cheap-y hangers in the fancy closet, so I finally splurged for the fancy set of matching hangers.

(say it with me: oooooooo, faaaaaancy)

For some reason I thought matching hangers would not only make things look more organized and lovely, but that it would also have some sort of magical elixir type calming quality to it. I thought it would be all Zenned Out. I thought that I would stare into the closet, and would be lulled into some relaxed dreamlike state, and that I would fall asleep peacefully, knowing that life was just .....I dunno....tidy.

Well, it does not do any of that for me at all. In fact, the matching hangers sort of make me a little nervous. in a sort of Martha Stewart meets Joan Crawford way.

Not only does it sort of creep me out to have the hangers all matching, but it now totally wigs me out when order is disrupted (like when TheMostImportantGuy comes to visit and he hangs up a change of clothes):

Come ON. A big fat BLUE PLASTIC HANGER???!?!?!
Oh, the stress.

And shut up. I know the shirts are sorted by color and that probably isn't helping matters any.

You should see the skirts.


Carol said...

Wow, you wear a lot of black, don't you?

When we were staying at the shore, my husband noticed that some of the hangers were some sort of expensive Swedish brand. Even though they were plastic and didn't look different to me than the cheapos from Target.

My standards are much lower: if it's on a hanger -- any hanger -- and not still in the dryer or lying crumpled in a clothesbasket, we're ahead of the game!

Lorena said...

You? Are almost so adorable I can't stand it.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

carol ~ I have only had my clothes on hangers since moving here. Mine used to live in the basket, too. I think later today I need to show some pics of what my life was like in the last house before moving here.
Also, black IS the new black.

lorena ~ almost??! (teehee)

M-H said...

I have closets like this too (we call them built-ins). I love love love them. And my shirts are hanging by colour too. More colours, but same principle. And BTW I am loving this 'round my house' thing. I am thinking of doing it when we have moved to the reno-ed house and there is something to show.

~Donna~ said...

I LOVE my zen matching wooden hangers...too bad all the clothes on them don't fit - so not the zen closet. Sigh.