Tuesday, August 05, 2008

things i love about riley

Most nights he sits on the back step and just hangs out, listening.

Lately he's been going to bed with his favorite toy (stuffed hedgehog with a squeaker...we call him Hedgey--how original)


Anonymous said...

You definitely got a good one, there - what a cutie! His sleeping face is so adorable! Is he going to get much bigger?

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

You forgot about the fact that he's just so freakin' cute it makes you want to hug him all day long.

Anonymous said...

Aww! He's precious. Looks like he'd be a good cuddler, too!

Also? Pillow Lust! Details, please?

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

jennakate ~ nope! he's full grown! 2 years old, and looks like a puppy. I sometimes call him my Peter Pan dog because I'm hoping he'll always look that way.

noblograchel ~ Oops, yah. Forgot that ;-)

anonymous ~ you know, I was about to respond, "No, the dog does not have pillow lust. He does not do the pillow humpin' thang." But now that I've reread your comment 3 times, I think maybe you mean you love my pillow...?? LOL If that's the case, Crate An Barrel, last fall's collection. They are very seasonal there, but I bet they are back out again, or available online. They are actually covers, but they also sell the plain innards (which you can also buy more cheaply at a big box craft store!)

Anonymous said...

Hah! I can't believe I didn't catch the double entendre there! It is so like something I would've said on purpose.

I did mean that I want that pillow! But not to hump. I want to get one, then figger it out and felt some my ownself.

Thanks for the info! May Riley continue in his non-aroused-by-home-furnishings ways!

Lori <- who can never remember her google info

EkC said...

So cute! Haha, and in one of your comments..."Pillow humpin' thang." My pupster, who is about 10 months now, (luckily) has never gotten into the humping, but is a humping target himself. Particularly his face for some reason. Puppy play dates have resulted in many instances of face humpage. Hah!