Thursday, September 18, 2008

i am nitpicker, hear me roar

nit·pick (nĭt'pĭk') intr.v. nit·picked, nit·pick·ing, nit·picks
To be concerned with or find fault with insignificant details.

I cannot believe that when you look that up at, it doesn't give the origin. Sheesh.

Well,here's MY definition:

v. the act of spending more than two hours combing through the louse infested hair of your beloved child only to determine that you are not winning the war against the little buggers.**

GAH. I am SO sick of it.

**from AmpuTeeHee's "TotallyAnnoyedWithEverything Encyclopedia of Whining and Useless Information"

At least the knitting is soothing:

shawl in progress

That is, when I get to knit, in between nitpicking and doing mounds of laundry (gosh, now that I think of it, this whole nitpicking experience kinda makes me not want to ever shop at KnitPicks again. Hahahaha. Doubtful, though.)

Loving. This. Knit. Totally simple, fast, and just what I need right now. I am calculating that if I can manage to do a repeat a day, I will be wearing this sometime during the first week of October. I hope I can do it. Not too sure I can, because I also have quite a pile of gift knitting I am working on at the same time. But it's my goal.

In other news about annoying household events, today I pulled the mini-maison out of the RV-parking lot and parked it in front of my house (where the lawn is laid out straight to the sidewalk). Opened up all of the doors of the van to air her out, and went back into the house to do some more nitpicking. When I returned, I realized that the sprinklers had come on during that time and had soaked the upholstery inside the van door. Which is fabric. Yay me.

So now it's dark outside and I have to try to soak that up.

At least tomrrow I am going away for a few days.

I think I am free and clear, but one never knows. I hope I don't infest the van.

You know, this was just supposed to be another photo today. I uploaded the shawl pic and then all of the sudden there was all this useless content filling in around it. Strange.

I am still catching up on blogs, though. Slowly but surely. And it is good fun :-)


Anonymous said...

Anything over 128 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes will kill the things. Have you tried the hair-dryer cure? Wash hair daily and _dry with a hot hair dryer_ for five minutes. For school kids, wash their hair as soon as they get home, or, if they play with friends after school and get reinfested, just before bed.
A friend of mine said it worked for her family.

Unknown said...

Dame Wendy had a post about a shampoo and conditioner that help with prevention. It might be helpful for you and to prevent a re-occurrence in Your FK.

Good luck fighting the battle of the bugs!

Mouse said...