Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bridging the gap

TheMostImportantGuy starting riding this past spring, and with the cold weather coming on, I'd been noticing that he was arriving here with a cold neck. He'd had no coverage between the motorcycle jacket and the helmet!

So I knit him up a little cowl...

...to bridge the gap.

He seems to really like it, and says it's doing the job effectively (my favorite part, of course, is that it matches *grin*).

Bridging The Gap Cowl (ravelry link)

Yarn: ShibuiKnits Merino Alpaca, color 7495

Needles: US #7, circular

Pattern: None (although I did start off using this one....which looks great, actually...but for some reason it was slanting to the right and the stitch pattern was hurting my hands....so I ditched it!).

How I Did It: Cast-On 75 sts, joined in the round, K3 P2 rib for about 5-1/2 inches or so, knit one row plain, then did a sewn cast-off to keep it stretchy.

Notes: This cowl is long enough to extend down into the jacket but then also go all the way up under the chin. The ribbing fans out perfectly and puts it right where it needs to be. I have enough yarn left over to knit a second one, which I am doing now, although it probably will not be as long as the first one. This second one will probably work out just fine as a regular-ol'-keep-yer-neck-warm sort of thing, say popped on with a t-shirt and a jacket. If it turns out that I can make the second as long as the first, then it will go to TheMIG as a back up.


Anonymous said...

I ride a motorcycle, too ... I have a couple of neck warmers, fleece and poly-pro ... but they're nowhere near as nice looking as TMIG's! No problems with the wind blowing between stitches at all?

Feral Dustbunny

~Donna~ said...

Cool! I did something along the same lines for Spencer for a ski trip a few years ago. used the neck part of a balaclava pattern. :) It was in acrylic tho - now that we've discovered he likes merino wool, the next one will be in that - besides, he's lost the other, so he needs one anyway. sigh.