Saturday, October 25, 2008

snaps on saturday

Frick. And. Frack.

Riley the DogDogDog & Gaara the KittenHead

These shots were actually taken earlier in the week (the 20th), but I'm on the fly out the door, and I'm not entirely sure if I will have internet access later to post anything I actually shoot today.

The plan:

Today...get MyFk to his dad's, onto what we refer to as TheCrazyCrazyDogPark, pumpkin carving party at Phil's (who is also cooking up a gourmet all pumpkin meal), a show at Bimbo's (Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine along with Project Pimento) along with some friends.

Tomorrow...maybe back to that Ecstatic Dance Place again, and then onto a show at the dance studio by Terrain.


Have a good weekend :-)


idyllicchick said...

Richard Cheese?! Squeeee!! I hope he Rocks the Casbah for you!

Lorena said...

Richard Cheese?!?!?! AAAHHHH! So! Very! Jealous!