Tuesday, November 18, 2008

mysteriously knittin' along

Ok, so here's the hat I was fiddling with when I should have been gift knitting instead:

Mystery Beret, aka the "Meret"
(my ravelry project page)

Pattern: Ravelry Link (this free pattern was offered as a KnitALong via Ravelry), designed by Woolly Wormhead

Knit for: me ...except that I might need to pass it along to someone with a bigger head and knit myself another one. Read on.

hat pre-blocking

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, #20-Cypress

Needles: US#8, dpn's and a 16" circ

Size: Medium, Extra-Slouchy (which netted me something more like a regular slouch---my stitch gauge was correct, but my row gauge was off, and I planned accordingly)

Mods: The pattern called for either a ribbed or a rolled brim; I wanted both--the look of a rolled brim, but the grip/stretch of the rib, so I did both. I did a stockinette roll for about an inch then a few rows of rib after that. Everything else I kept to as written. If (ok, not if, but when) I do this hat again, I will probably add an extra lace repeat to make it even slouchier.

hat post-blocking

* I could have sworn that this yarn was black when I bought it. It wasn't until knitting on it in direct sunlight that I learned it's really a very deep forest green. The true color reads like the top photo,though. It's quite dark. It's a nice color, but I really wanted me a black beret, so I'm a little disappointed. A little. I mean, c'mon. It's Malabrigo for crying out loud.

* I first blocked the hat over a plate by steaming it with the surge on my iron. The lace really opened up nicely, and I was certain I did a thorough block (it was quite damp). I let it dry thoroughly, took it off the plate, and within an hour or two, it had snapped back to it's pre-blocked blobby shape. I then soaked the hat and did a full on wet block, and when while positioning it onto the plate, I sadly stretched the brim out a bit. It did fit perfectly, and now it fits so-so. It's loose, and if I bend over, it will fall off. I have a feeling I am giving this Bridget. Her head is like 3" bigger around than mine. If it's not her style, I'll either gift it elsewhere or maybe sew in some elastic thread and keep it.

* I will totally knit this hat again.

* This was my first Mystery Knit ALong. It was a total blast to see everyone's works in progress and to be part of the fun, and to not really know exactly where things were going. I really enjoyed the whole KAL process as much as the knitting and the finished hat!


Mouse said...

I think its an awesome hat! I'm going to spin up some wool for this hat eventually. I didn't like the way the colors were drowning out the lace pattern in the yarn I picked, so I ended up buying and starting Marina instead.

~Donna~ said...

Pretty!!! Saved off that pattern for my sis maybe.

jane said...

i'm making this too!