Wednesday, December 24, 2008

and to all, a goodnight....

Here's a little holiday story for you :-)

When MyFavoriteKid and I were in Las Vegas, we were returning to our hotel one night, and this is what to place in the lobby.

Me: Santa.

Me (again, getting over excited): SANTA!!!!!!

MyFK: No, Mom.

Me: Oooh, and Mrs.Clause, too!

MyFK: Mommmmmmmmmm, I don't want to say hi to Santa.

Me: So what.

Me: (yelling) Santaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Santa: Ho Ho Ho!!!!!!!!

There is no one else in line to sit on Santa's lap. I make a beeline towards him, pop up out of my wheelchair, and throw out my arms for a big fat hug. Santa pops up out of his chair, greets with me with a hug, and the (don't you just know there is money involved) photographer pops up and takes this picture:

Which of course, I buy. 'Cuz I loooove Santa (and 'cuz I'm a sucker), and 'cuz I kinda like to think it's an awesome photo that really captures my love for the jolly ol' man ;-)

Me: (overpriced photo in hand) Santa!! Look!! I bought the picture!! (bringing it over to him). Look how cute we are!!!

Mrs.Clause: Oh, can I see it to?

Me: Of course!

Mrs.Clause: Do you know who I am?

Me: Why, yes! Of course! You are Mrs......ohhhh....MRS. Clause.

Mrs. Clause: Yah. You're darn tootin' I am MRS CLAUSE. And don't you forget it!!!!!!!


XO to all, and Happy Holidays, whichever you celebrate (because I celebrate more than one myself!)


The Bon said...

You were right, that IS a great photo! Happy happy happy!

JohnK said...

Love the pic, love the spirit.
happy all the holidays.
I celebrate each and everyone

Darlene said...

That picture really came out nice.

I made my 13 year old daughter come look at this picture since she insists that she's too old to have her picture taken with Santa.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Great picture. Looks like a real Santa and everything! Love it!