Thursday, December 04, 2008

the best medicine

The next time I'm in one of those emotional "it's all about ME" modes...?

THIS is what will pop into my head.

And I will laugh.

So, the question of the day is:
Is laughter the best medicine? Or is it the internet?


~Donna~ said...

OMG...I was just watching this from another blog and then Honey and I got to watching all sorts of Muppets "song interpretations". Sure lifted my mood :D

Lynda the Guppy said...

Now I'm torn...Prop 8: The Musical? or The Sweedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal doing an Aria from Carmen?

I can't decide which is the BEST. VIDEO. EVER. It's too close to call!

Thanks for posting that. I have a number of friends who will laugh themselves stupid over it (just like I did!)

InkyW said...

best 1:28 minutes of my life today. thank you. i was having a pity party, table of one as a matter of fact.

Unknown said...

I really needed that. Thanks.

Carol said...

What you need is a hamster.
On a piano.
Eating popcorn.