Friday, July 10, 2009

the migraine in my brain stays mainly the about same

Ha! (I can't believe I just wrote that title--what a DORK!)

Well, I made it dance class last night, and I led the warm-ups/matwork. I actually felt quite a bit better by the end of class, but when I woke up this morning, I was right back in the throes of it.

Somehow today, I managed to still get some things done: AAA office to pick up a tourbook and some tickets for a little trip next week; to the pet store for worms for the gecko; grabbed some lunch for MyFavoriteKid--admittedly fast food, though; off to get a massage (I horrible life...but I'd booked it weeks ago, and actually the timing could not have been better), and really it was more like the P/T type of massage, the whole of the time spent trying to fix my shoulder, which has been out of whack for almost a month now; then home to ice my shoulder.

I still had a splitting headache for the balance of the afternoon, but I managed to watch The Tour de France (I've watched every day and am totally digging it), I finished the final chapters of the book I'd been reading, I spun on the spindle for a little bit, I knit few rows on the scarf, and then I baked a chicken and roasted some veggies to make up for the McDonalds I had treated MyFK to earlier.

I dont know how I managed all of this with my head hurting so much, because honestly, I really needed to be flat with an eye mask and earplugs. But I did it. And I was a bit cranky and irritable while I did some of it (sorry). And now I want to go to bed and hope that tomorrow brings something completely different.

Meanwhile, if you've made it this far (or if got down here by way of scrolling for photos), I'll treat you to something pretty and pink.

This is the shawl that I worked on in the spring.
Here's a ravelry link for details, and here's a link to the pattern.

I modeled it for this next photo....

...but in the end, I gifted it to my friend Martha.

The shawl turned out lovely, but the color didn't suit me much, and it didn't fit my frame very well. Martha is wee-petite, and she had admired the color since the she saw me working on the very first rows, so it went to a happy home.

I could see myself knitting this shawl again in a different colorway and perhaps making it a bit larger. I really enjoyed the knitting process, though. The center square was knit first, then the border was picked up and knit all the way around, resulting in a square shawl. That type of construction was new for me.

Ok....Eyes are burning, head is throbbing, so now I'm outta here ;-)


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

I'll bet Martha loves it and wow - she is one beautiful woman. And she's wearing one beautiful shawl!

I can't believe you did all that - with a migraine! I need couple of days of that activity level to get some stuff done around the house this weekend. Though I don't need to roast the chicken - we're going out tonight to celebrate my new job.

~Donna~ said...

Martha looks absolutely gorgeous in the shawl! And goodness, she is petite...looks like that chair is going to swallow her up!

She looks very happy to have it - it's def gone to a good home.

Well, You've done more than I have in one day and with a migraine than I have all week. I've got no excuses - I'm just lazy. Can't wait to get out of this lazy phase...

carleigh said...

OMG. That shawl is amazing. I have to learn how to do that!

BTW, Gaby has slept with her circle blankie every night since she got it. It is great because of how it's weighted it actually stays on her.

Sorry about your head. Boy do I know the agony. Remember to drink tons and tons of water. Imagine yourself flushing the headache away.


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

(f) n-b-rachel ~ Ooo congrats on the new job! *toots party horn!* And yes, Martha is lovely. And one totally interesting and amazing lady, too :-)

Donna ~ Yes, she loves it. And I get the lazies, too...I need to write about that soon, actually. I have a funny spin on that. But then I get backlogged and have to catch up, headache or not!

Carleigh ~ the shawl? You can do that. I can show you ;-) And I am so glad the baby likes her blankie--yay! I did drink lots of water (thanks for reminding me) but I do like the imagery you put with it too..will have to use that! xo