Wednesday, July 08, 2009

more about that cat

I try to reply to comments by making my reply within that same day's comments. So if you ever ask anything that looks like a question in your notes to me, that's where to find it (except that I was 3 days behind, but now I am not, neener-neener).

In response to yesterday's post, however, a couple of people asked about what happened to TheFeralAttackKitteh, so I figured I'd expand some here for y'all.

TheMostImportantGuy is very level headed and sensible, especially when it comes to stray cats. He is also very compassionate when it comes to them, too. He lives in a neighborhood where there are many feral cats, and he works with another neighbor to always keep food and water out for them. He has used traps to secure the females so he can bring them in for spaying, and he has brought me home one very tiny kitty who now lives with us (Gaara). It was me that brought home the second stray kitten (MrDarcy), but TheMIG rallied for my keeping him instead of working to get him placed. All of TheMIG's pets are rescue animals.

Ok, so anyhow. More about this FeralAttackKitteh last night.

We saw him as we were leaving the parking lot of a supermarket, on our way to pick up MyFavoriteKid from basketball practice. Super cute kitty. Teen-aged kitten, had a few months on him. Not super small, but not fully grown, for sure. Black and white, and clearly looking around for food. I pulled over, and TheMIG got out to see if he could attract him. The kitten was SUPER friendly. Like tail in the air, running towards TheMIG, meowing like "hellllp meeee" it looked like, and to me, he was behaving like a domesticated cat that maybe had gone stray. He rubbed up against TheMIG's legs and hands, and he didn't flinch at all when TheMIG picked him up and carried him towards the car. I asked if he might be someone's pet, because there are houses nearby over a big wall, but TheMIG said the cat was all bones. The kitty just leaned right into him, and looked happy.

Until he got IN the car.

I have no idea what we were thinking to put a cat like that in the car, to be honest with you. Maybe BrainFartDust was in the Indian food we had just eaten. I dunno. But we did it. I would normally NEVER transport an animal without a crate of some sort. I crate my own pets every single time I put them in my car.

The poor thing just freaked. And after scratching and biting TheMIG, he started throwing himself really hard at the windows. Someone was gonna get hurt really badly, and yes....we do know about the rabies and the keeping the cat and all that...but we opened the door so he could get out and run away before he hurt himself.

Now, immediately after the mauling, we picked up MyFK from practice, and then headed back to the house (TheMIG saturating himself with hand sanitizer the entire ride). He then got on the phone with the advice nurse to have his immunization records looked at, and that, of course, is when he was referred to the emerency room for cleaning, antibiotics, tetanus, etc.

So here's the thing. ON THE WAY to the Emergency Room, TheMIG made me swing BACK BY the supermarket, to leave TheFeralAttackKitteh some food!!! Cuz he felt bad for TheKitteh!
We did bring a crate (and gloves) this time, so that just in case we saw him around we could nab him, but of course we didn't see him because I cant imagine he'd be stupid enough to come anywhere near us. An elephant never forgets, and neither does a feral kitty ;-)

TheMIG seems fine. He's got a little regimen to perform for the next few days (soakings and ointments and medications), but I think he's gonna be okay. He just arrived here, actually....and I asked him if he wanted to go back and try to find THE Kitten, and he even said that means his head is in working order, too LOLOL.

And so that is that about the cat.

More about innappropriate waiting room sights tomorrow...because I had another one today! For now, g'night!


Carol said...

Sudden urge to sing "Cat Scratch Fever" by Ted Nugent, but don't worry, I will repress it.

The Bon said...

Hahaha Carol, my sister had cat scratch fever when we were kids and my dad sang that song to her constantly until she was better.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Carol ~ Ha!

TheBon ~ You are shitting me. It's a real disease?! I am only familiar with Ted's version LOL I'm gonna have to get my google on.