Wednesday, February 03, 2010

easy out

Yes, this post is an easy out. But it's date night with TheMostImportantGuy, and I didn't have time to write something up earlier in the dayy, and uhhh...well...He wins ;-)

Results are accurate!

You Love to Talk About Ideas

You like your conversations to be deep and meaningful. You are not a big fan of small talk.

You are open to all sorts of conversation topics, especially if they are unique or interesting. You love it when a conversation takes you somewhere unexpected.

You will talk about anything, even if it's controversial or weird. You aren't shy about speaking your mind.

You may shock people with what you're willing to talk about, but at least it's more interesting than discussing the weather.


Gwen said...

What!? Are they implying the weather is Not Interesting? Hmmph.