Thursday, February 18, 2010

it's official. the olympics are making me sick. and a few other things.

I have a cold. And I am 99.9% positive it's because I'm staying up late every night watching the Olympics. I'm running myself into the ground. It's getting ridiculous.

I've even tried recording the prime time show so that I can watch it the next morning instead of staying up late (seeeeeems smart, don't it??...skip the commercials AND get a good night's rest?...woohoo!), but even knowing the recorder running, I'm still up 'til midnight behaving like a crack addict watching the half-pipe. (ha)

And now I have a stuffed nose, and a cough to boot, and I'm fully encircled by an Olympic sized ring of tissues.

Let me tell ya' that the Olympics are touching a few other areas of my life, and I started typing all that up for you today, but I can't get my thoughts together well enough and I'm out of time. I spent half of my day today going 'round in circles between my medical provider and the department of motor vehicles (huuuuuge snafu, which I will also tell you about later, because it's frustrating but hilarious), and I have to wrap up here early because MyFavoriteKid has a presentation to give at his school in an hour, and immediately following that I teach a dance class. Home at 11pm. Yay me.

So tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. I have saved what I could not finish writing, and tomorrow I will pick it up again and get it posted.

Now pass me a tissue.


~Donna~ said...

We LOVE the half pipe stuff...but we had to call it quits at 10:30 so missed all the medal runs. Gah! We get up around here at 5:30am with the commute to the new school, so there is no staying up late. We're usually in bed before 10pm, but we were soooooooo trying to WILL the TV station to show more half pipe before we went to bed!