Thursday, February 25, 2010

mo. jo.

my funny little candle holder

Ok, kids. Mojo request here.

TheMostImportantGuy's dad just went into surgery this morning for the removal of his bladder (cancer). If you have some extra positive vibes today, I kindly request you shoot them this-a-way. Vibes for a good surgery. Vibes for fast and uncomplicated healing (he's diabetic). Vibes for calm energy for his family. And vibes that when they are in there they get it all, and they don't find more than what they knew was there (so far they believe it has not spread).

Thanks so much.

Will keep y'all posted, and tomorrow I will also follow up and respond to questions you guys have left in the comments since the last time I followed up....
things like how I hand pre-teen nerds and where I find fake candles ;-)


Helen said...

*sets mojo phasers to "heal"*

My uncle has had the same surgery, probably ten years ago now. I hope TMIG's dad does at least as well as my uncle, who is back on the town nightly as the bon vivant he has always been.

Jan said...

Mojo sent as requested.

Guernseygal said...

Mojo on the way across the water

~Donna~ said...

You got it all...the other stuff here can wait a day or two. :) Sending good vibes to all involved.

Gwen said...

Good thoughts, for a long time.