Monday, February 15, 2010

mood lighting

I ordered these funny little sconces recently, and this weekend TheMostImportantGuy hung them up for me. There were quite inexpensive, actually.
What's "funny" about them, I suppose, isn't the sconces themselves, but the candles that are in them.

They're fake!

They are made of real wax, but they are battery operated. The lit "wick" is buried deep enough into the candle so that it doesn't look too cheesy. The "flicker" pattern of the light seems very random to me, too. They look pretty real!

But back to what I find so danged "funny" here..?

The candles go on and off automatically!!! hahahaha
(I don't why I find that so charmingly hysterical, but I do.)

I still prefer a REAL lit candle to these phonies, but there is something to be said for a candle that is placed high enough to be a bitch to light (ie I'd probably never light them), that actually pops on by itself at 6pm every evening and then "snuffs" itself out at 10pm. Like clockwork.

Oh, and pssssst...Mom: I finally "filled out that entry way wall".


Denise said...

Wherever did you get the candles? I have seen the battery operated ones but never have seen the ones that turn themselves off.

Gwen said...

How... strange! And silly, definitely silly. I shouldn't be surprised by these things. Yet I am.