Wednesday, February 10, 2010

seriously silly

I knit a new hat.
And it's seriously silly ('cuz silly is sometimes necessary).

My Ravelry Project Page

Pattern: Guinan, by KimK.

: Twisted Fiber Art Lotus, colorway "Frenzy" (the Jan '10 shipment of the Adventure Club); 240 yds (used all but a couple of feet).

US 6's on the band, US 7's for the body of the hat (to make it slouchier)

Mods: well, used bigger needles on the body of the hat (see above), and increased each section to 7 rows instead of 5 in hopes of using every bit of yarn, and increasing the slouch.

Little do-dads/decorations: I used the smidge of remaining tail after sewing in the cast-on edge to make a little i-cord bobble for the topper. Then I used the last couple yards of the yellow to make a little i-cord spiral to tack onto the brim of the hat (to tie the colors together from one end to the other). Sewed a simple little pink plastic button in the middle.

Notes to self: The colorway is called “Frenzy”, but it reminds me of the sun coming up (actually, now that I think of it, mornings at my house ARE quite the frenzy!). The yarn is soft and was lovely to work with. As always, a ton of fun to watch the colors change. Meg is an amazing dye artist.


~Donna~ said...

What an awesome hat! Thumbs up from the Chaos. :)

Anonymous said...

That hat is adorable and that is a really pretty yarn.

Mouse said...

I really like it! Its not nearly as crazy as I thought it would be.. very cool!

Anonymous said...

That's a perfect marriage of yarn and pattern! Beautiful!

Linda said...

Oh I LOVE it! Colors, patter, everything!

Jodie said...

Love the colors! Super cute.

jana said...