Friday, February 05, 2010

snaps on saturday (on a friday)

I usually do a photo on Saturdays. I know it's Friday, but it feeeeels like a Saturday, because my parents took MyFavoriteKid today after school, given me the whole day free with TheMostImportantGuy who took the day off work. We had originally planned to take a 3-day weekend for my birthday so that would could do something I have been trying to do for years:
I want to take the Amtrak train from here to Reno in winter. Not because I like Reno, per se. Because I like trains, and I hear this ride through the mountains in the snow is amazing.

Anyhow, most years getting away for my birthday is royally goofed up by dance rehearsals, as we often have a March performance to get ready for...and this year no exception. I had seriously pushed for a Sunday rehearsal so I could at least have Friday/Saturday to go away....that didn't fly. And then I also tried to rally for Saturday morning so I could go away right afterwards and at least turn the rest of Saturday into Sunday into a "staycation".

Unfortunately we are slated to rehearse Saturday from 2pm-5pm which is pretty much smack dab in the middle of things. *sigh*

Anyhow, TheMIG took the day off anyhow, and it's been good.
Oh, and the photos (duh):

The skies over Napa this afternoon. Storm approaches. Had I taken the Snow-Train, I'd probably be stranded digging myself out of a drift anyhow ;-)


Gwen said...

The skies have been awe inspiring this last week!