Sunday, February 21, 2010


Signing out early tonight here, kids. I'm tired from a late afternoon dance rehearsal today, and in just a few minutes here on PBS's Masterpiece Classic they are showing Jane Austen's Persuasion ...the 2007 version, which I absolutely adore.

I've seen several film adaptations of many of Miss Austen's novels, but the kiss at the end of this one?
*sigh* :-)
So good that I'm even foregoing the Olympic Ice Dancing tonight to watch this instead, and I've seen this movie before. More than once. Way more than once.

I'm off to indulge, and then fall asleep immediately!


~Donna~ said...

omg...I did the exact same thing. I LOVE that movie...absolutely love it. I found it last night by accident tho and only saw the last 45 min...not that I haven't seen it several times already too tho. hee hee

Was so much better than the ice dancing. :)