Tuesday, April 27, 2010

do it again! do it again! do it again!

Ripped the danged thing out last night and every attempt to restart it looked sloppy, probably because my eyelids were hanging so low. Got it going again this morning so I could have it under way for my visit with TheLadies (the knitting circle at the convalescent hospital, which isn't so much about knitting right now...another story). Banged out a few more repeats than what you see above while we visited over yarn and tea.

Then got home and took a closer look at that section of twisted stitches in the middle there...only to see that while chatting away I had failed to twist like 7 of them in random places.
I dropped down and fixed it all, but still.

These little blips better not be little signs from the knitting gods trying to tell me to not knit this thing.

*shoves fingers in ears---lalalalalala!!--can't hear you!!*
I shall prevail!!!!!!
I'm the ruler of my yarn, dangit!

(not much else, though)


Jan said...

Ooooh, that's gonna be soooo pretty!