Thursday, April 22, 2010

like having your own personal jeweler or something

I use stitch-markers a lot when I knit (for the non-knitters reading, stitch-markers are little do-dads that you slide onto your needles or pin onto your knitting, and they help you count and keep track of when you need to do things). Because I use them a lot, I have many.
Many as in, when I see them and they are cute (which so many of them are), I have to work very hard to resist buying them, because I honest to goodness do not need more than I already have. I have amassed quite the collection.

I still window shop. Lots. And when I saw these....

I had to have them.

It's like they were made just for me or something. I mean, stitch markers...with crutches?? Ha!!

(purchased at the Velvet Hippo on etsy)


~Donna~ said...

So totally yours.

I love it when I find something that is ME and I can afford it. :)