Sunday, May 09, 2010

moms day

Happy Mother's Day (to all that celebrated in some form or another).

I had a good one:

* MyFavoriteKid gave me a handmade card plus a book he had picked out for me about Zen koans. Good choice ;-)

* TheMostImportantGuy was here...always a treat (he left mid-afternoon to go car shopping, though!).

* My parents came over this morning to join us all for brunch. My mom finally got some of those poached eggs. I got a round or two of mimosas in exchange (she brought the champagne). I had a ShortOrderCookMoment getting the food out. Five of us for breakfast, and not ONE person wanted the same thing on their plate. One poached hard; one poached soft; one with vegetarian sausage instead of prosciutto; one with no garlic or olives and with the remaining components kept separate; and one who would not eat poached eggs at all, so got zucchini frittata instead. Lucky for me I totally love cooking like that. LOVE.

* Spent a good chunk of the afternoon knitting. I'm in the process of binding off that little shawl right now. I will block it tomorrow. Hope that helps some, because the bind-off looks like it's curling :-(

* And spent the evening watching a dvd series I have been sitting on for awhile, "Wives and Daughters" (it's a BBC/PBS masterpiece classics sort of thing--my favorite).

So a nice day for me!
How was yours?


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Quiet, productive, and I got a call from my son in VT. I'd say a good day. :)

~Donna~ said...

Awesome. Spence cooked breakfast for me, we rode our bikes to the train station, spent a lovely day in SF and then rode bikes home.

Ended off with a few rousing rounds of Call of Duty on the Xbox. (I watched him play as I'm still not up to playing that game yet.)