Monday, May 24, 2010

Ooo today was crazy busy. Errand upon errand, phone call after phone call, email after email, and loads of paperwork still to be done.

The errand part of the evening ended with my taking MyFavoriteKid out for dinner and two new pairs of shoes. He had beaten his Converse into shreds. He wanted to get a pair of Vans for lookin' cool, but he's also finally agreed with me that I am I right (?!?!) and that he needs more supportive shoes than he can wear to school on the days he has PE (they have wee tiny gym lockers that hold their uniforms, but are not big enough for shoes. lame.). His feet have been hurting him. And I looooove Converse and Vans, but they are canvas, and they are totally flat and have no arch support. we get out to the store, and we have his feet measured, and get this one:

The kid is two sizes bigger. TWO SIZES.

No wonder his feet hurt!! Sheesh.

We had purchased those now shredded Chucks just back around November or December I think, and I didn't just wing it with the shoe size, I had him measured that time, too! He was a size 7....and now, just a few months later....a size 9!

He's also eating like a horse.

Here's comes teenage-hood.


~Donna~ said...

Welcome to my world...glad to have the company.

Anonymous said...

Buy some Dr. Scholl arch supports for MFK. I love my Converse, but I love them more with the added support. (I wear them in all my shoes.)

Love, Karen TDL

Kathy said...

Does he eat a lot? I got my son Converses but they don't seem to last longer than 3 months. He is hard on shoes but they don't seem too durable. What a shame, cuz I love 'em.