Monday, May 31, 2010

snaps on saturday (on a...monday?!?)

Yah. If you noticed the last few posts were all text and wondered why, it was because I sent my camera with MyFavoriteKid when he took off camping with his dad for the weekend.

So here ya' go...

..compliments of MyFK.

Today was the conclusion of TheMostImportantGuy's birthday weekend.
This morning it was off to the zen center for the 6:15am practice, then another breakfast out (this time at the french bistro La Note), and then back to the zen center for the 11am practice.
Kinda like a mini-retreat, only with pancakes ;-)
And les oeufs. And tomatoes Provencales.

Then I got home and not long after TheEx drove up in his rented camper van and tossed out my kid, a sleeping bag, and a pile of stinky laundry. Basically. Then MyFK and I spent a bit of time this evening booking some summer travel plans before it gets so late that said plans can no longer be booked.

I cannot believe it. Ten more days and MyFK is out of school and "the routine" is blown all over the place. It will fit right in with learning to walk again using a prosthesis, which is pretty much creating the same feeling.

Nothing is static.


~Donna~ said...

Life would be boring if it was static.

Batten down the hatches...full steam ahead!

Dang, you zen folks get up way to doggone early...

jodi said...

Any of those summer travel plans bringing you up in our direction?