Sunday, May 02, 2010

the weekend. bullet style.

Friday (night):
* MyFavoriteKid had a buddy over after school 'til about 9pm. Cooked them up a nice dinner, and they had a blast goofing around with the video games. Friend would have stayed over, but it was MyFK's weekend with his dad, and the pick-up happened right after the friend left.
* TheMostImportantGuy came in Friday night, too. That's what that yummy asparagus salad was all about, plus the rest of the meal, and then we watched some comedy shows and I set him up with a tub to soak his feet in. He'd had a hard week. Needed to shift into weekend mode toot-sweet.
* Early bedtime, actually. Nice :-)

* I got up at the butt-crack of dawn and headed out to the zen center for meditation practice. TheMIG slept in a bit later and he drove up to visit his family.
* After the zen center and breakfast out with some of the folks there, I popped into A Verb For Keeping Warm. I was going there (I swear it) just to drop off one of those dog fence/playpen things for her adorable dog and/or angora bunny to use. I had picked it up for Riley to use for when I'd take him camping, but the first time I stuck him in it, he jumped right up and over and out. So much for that.
* I ended up walking out of there with a bulky plyer flyer head for my spinning wheel (*kachink*).
* And maybe a wee little bit of fiber to spin.
* And a signed copy (since I sadly had to miss the signing party held there earlier) of Rachael Herron's (aka YarnAGoGo's) book: How to Knit a Love Song.
* Came home and didn't spin (oddly enough), but read. Like, half the book.
* Drove out to a big mall, meeting TheMIG there as he was rolling back into town from seeing his folks, to look at buying a new fridge.
* Almost bought one.
* Sears has one f*&$'d up delivery procedure, and I couldn't figure out how to make it work (they want to set a date with you 3 weeks in advance, but do not want to commit to a timeframe until they call the night before--?!). I pretty much wheeled out of there with smoke coming out from behind my wheelchair, I was going so fast....and steam coming out of my ears.
* Date night after that made up for it :-) Definitely.

* Up early, read more of the book. Lots more.
* Tried out those new egg poaching cups. I don't love them as much as my pan, but I think they'll be great for when I need to make a large batch. The eggs do take longer to cook in the cups than the pan, though. Metal v. silicone, I guess.
* Headed out to an early tech rehearsal for a show I was dancing in later in the afternoon.
* Went out for lunch in between the rehearsal and the show. Read more of the book. Had mexican food and a margarita.
* Went back to perform and it didn't take too long to realize that a belly full of mexican food does not make for good belly dancing. Duh.
* Picked up MyFK from his dad's on the way home, and in between spending tiem with him and doing a few chores around here, read more of the book every chance I could squeeze in a few pages.
* Now I have posted for the day.
* And NOW I need to go finish the book. I'm close. Only a couple of chapters away. I didn't even expect to like it, to be honest with you. It's a romance novel. I just don't do that sort of reading normally. But what is not to love about this sort of romance novel. There is yarn, spinning wheels, knitting folk, alpacas and sheep---AND A HOT COWBOY yeehaw! :-)
It's been quite the enjoyable read, actually.

So now I go finish it!!


Linda said...

not a book you have think about much but very enjoyable. i coulnd't put it down, either.