Friday, June 18, 2010

shiny & new

This evening was the dedication of our town's new (and first) High School.

Way too many speeches before they did the actual deed of cutting the ribbon, but the tour of the campus was well worth the wait. The place is amazing. State of the art, sustainably built, and just plain gorgeous. All of the classrooms are designed to bring in natural light and fresh air. It's very exciting. MyFavoriteKid will be going there the year after next. And I might even get to go there, too---the community college is going to offer evening courses and adult ed. programs there---and it's only about 3 minutes from my house. I could ride my bike.

Now: I am sitting in bed and stand-up comedy is chattering away in the background. TheMostImportantGuy has fallen asleep while watching. Orange kitty on the bed, cream colored dog also on cat off somewhere being anti-social. The clothes dryer is spinning in the other room, so I hear the snap and ping of zippers and metal buttons...and TheMIG just started snoring.