Thursday, October 14, 2010


I took some photos of me wearing the new shawl. Well, too many photos actually (for even more, scroll back to yesterday). Perhaps if I finished things more often I wouldn't feel so driven to have all out photoshoots with them.

Here it is held open, in an awesomely fuzzy photo:

Here it is tied in front under some really amazing yellow lighting:

And here is my favorite way of wearing it, but shot in the shadows:

Figures. I had just as much trouble photographing it as I did knitting it.

Pattern: Daybreak, by WestKnits (Ravelry pattern link)
Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon's Bugga! in Sooty Dancer and Grey Scalloped Bar Butterfly (hand dyed merino wool, cashmere---yum!---with a bit of nylon in there)

And here's a link to my Rav project page.

Okay. Onto the next thing.
Which should probably be finishing up some unfinished things.


Dawnknitella said...

Hey, guess what? That shawl is freakin' perfect! Excellent job and worth every tinked stitch, if you ask me.

A. Lurker

Mouse said...

That.. is awesomesauce! I love it! I also now have ideas as to what to do with the solid gray sock yarn I bought for an unknown project.

~Donna~ said...

Cool! Looks great. :)