Friday, October 29, 2010

fear it !!

If you are a baseball fan, especially a San Francisco Giants fan, then I probably don't need to tell you who this guy is:

If you don't know who that is, well...that would be Mr. Brian Wilson. He's one of our rockin' closing pitchers. He's notorious for his attitude and slightly askew behavior in interviews, but he's become famous for his beard.

Actually, his beard has become it's own entity, really. BrianWilson'sBeard even Tweets and has it's own Facebook page. Fans are now sporting fake beards at the games, and there are always signs and t-shirts sporting the "Fear The Beard!" catchphrase.

Wellp, I finally got to knit up my little Halloween ditty.
Say hello to my handknit Brian Wilson's Beard.

Hahahaha. I know.
Kinda scary.
(oh, and that's the orange wristband MyFavoriteKid asked for at the last minute)

TheMostImportantGuy is totally squicked by my new look. Says it is far too "manly". I think maybe I just should have applied some lipgloss and mascara before shooting that photo, is all. hahahahaha (here's a reminder of what I really look like, Honey)

Still a girl.
Promise ;-)

Or maybe I should take the beard and embroider on a couple of little flowers!! In my head I keep seeing that Bugs Bunny cartoon with the bull fighting, and somehow the bull getting dressed up like a girl with flowers in its horms...remember that?? It was from this episode (I can't find the exact frame):

Remember that one?!

I had to knit this project twice to get it right. On the first pass I adapted an existing pattern I found on Ravelry for a longer beard. Unfortunately it curled up into a hot mess once I bound off, and I couldn't get it to block flat. So I reworked the entire thing, improvising and taking notes as I went.

The Ravelry Project Page for it is HERE.

A couple of people have already asked me to post my instructions, so I will do that and add them to my project page later tonight or tomorrow.

Just in case you want to look manly, too ;-)


Kathy said...

Very nice! Go Giants!