Monday, November 29, 2010

coughin and kvetchin

I'm still soooo sick today kids, that I don't even have it in me to show you the new fuzzy blanket today. I'm too busy being curled up underneath it, sipping on tea.

I must tell you about my cute little mug! It comes from the etsy shop "Haldecraft" which is filled up with handmade goodies made by long time reader and commenter Haldechick of Snarkland (umm, Haldechick...your new soap???..bwahahahahaha!).

I had to have this mug. I saw it, and I had a huge flashback to my childhood and seeing Shirley Temple's movie "The Bluebird" when I was a kid.

She'd played a brat in that movie (can you believe it?!) who went on this fantastical journey looking for The Bluebird of Happiness. I liked Shirley and the bird, but I also remember feeling bad for that evil kitteh LOL.

Oh, man. I have to show you what I bumped into when I went seaching for that image from the movie:


Anyhow, I have picked up a few other things from Haldecraft. I also have these awesome little owls that I reposition from time to time around they house and they make me crack up.

That last shot looks like TheMostImportantGuy runnin' away from me real fast when I gotz the crazies LOL.

Wellp, today was a total loss. I skipped my regular practice at the zen center. I canceled the appointment I had with TheScarDoc, which is really too bad because I think I have been having problems with the scars on my arm tightening up (lots of pain lately...hurts to knit even...gah!). And I have already called in to cancel visits to the convalescent hospitals tomorrow so I can rest, and also not give my little ol' friends a case of TheCrud.

I got really bored and stupid today. I was dozing in and out on the couch under the blanket watching The Barefoot Contessa make fixings for a cocktail party, and three times I heard her say she was making a platter of, "real good salami with hot ass cucumbers." I had to rewind it several times before I finally figured out she was saying "hot house cucumbers", but I've coughed so much I swear I have blown my own eardrums out. Not to mention I have gotten stupid, because I should know that it's hot house cucumber I was looking at, even though I called it an English cucumber.

I have also coughed so much that I have pulled a muscle behind my left shoulder blade, and I was also up coughing all night long, and today I still have no voice. Yay, me.

I finally gave up on Ina and the cocktail party and the dozing (I really hate napping...I should try to figure out why), and since it was BlackMonday and I'd heard there was going to be lots of apps on sale, I went looking for a new game for the iPad. I spent 99-cents, and then wasted an hour playing, "Meow Meow Happy Fight" of all things.

And this is me not even on NyQuil.


not supergirl said...

What a drag! I hope you feel better very soon and get plenty of rest.

Lorena said...

Because I am a dork, my first thought upon seeing the first picture was "OMG, that cup is so cute! I wonder where she got it!" HAHAHAHAHAH. I'm with stupid. ;-p

Glad you like everything, and thanks for the shout-out!

~Donna~ said...

Feel better soon!!!!

The owls are cute... :)