Sunday, November 07, 2010

domestic sweaters in the wild?

Sweater display spotted in a Macy's today.

Mixed feelings, I have.
In some ways it makes me happy.
Like it's a message to people:
Sweaters come from YARN (as in, let's go to the farm and remind you that steak comes from cows, not from a plastic wrapped foam tray).

In another way, it makes me peeved. How dare you show cones and balls of yarn....even knitting needles.... to your machine knit sweaters.

And of course, I must ask, what is up with balls of yarn randomly tacked to the breasts of the cabled sweater covered dress form??

Have thoughts? Care to caption those photos?
Do share.


Kathy said...

I wonder if KnitPicks will sue Macy's for copyright infringment!

thestashattacked said...

Picture 2: Sweater next to the mannequin: "Nice balls."

Karen said...

I hope they kept the ball bands for the yarn. Wouldn't it be funny to be arrested for shoplifting the yarn instead of the sweater.

Barb Kish, chief fiber executive said...

Can someone give me a good sub for the yarn in the middle sweater? I want something not too soft and not too scratchy and machine washable but no acrylic. And not too expensive, but I don't mind spending a little either. Oh and if it's finer than worsted, that won't work. It has to be at least worsted and maybe even aran. Thanks!!!!!!!