Thursday, November 11, 2010

pj day

It's been a pajama day. Maybe not the most patriotric of ways to honor our vets on Veteran's Day, but I suppose that depends on who you ask.

MyFavoriteKid did not have school, he had a friend spend the night last night, and I have therefore spent the day in my loungewear (one of these days, I am going to have to show you my pajama stash. It's sort of gone Imelda Marcos.)

I'm a little resentful of the fact that I have to get out of my pajamas now in order to go teach dance class tonight, rather than just remain in my pajamas and go back to bed. Although, in all honesty, my loungewear is not that far off from the look my yoga pants and a t-shirt present. I may just stay in my pajamas and see if anyone notices.

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~Donna~ said...

No one will notice or care. Hang out in downtown Oakland for a few minutes and you'll see plenty of pj's...complete with fuzzy slippers.