Wednesday, November 17, 2010


TheMostImportantGuy and me. Today. Seven years.

You have permission to laugh at me about what I am about to tell you next (because TheMIG finds it ridiculous also), and that is that I am totally freaked out about this anniversary because of the Seven Year Itch.

I'm not freaked out by the movie. I'm freaked out by the myth.

I'm totally stupid superstitious and feeling insecure about it, and I cannot wait for this year to fly by just so we can be at Eight. It's totally ridiculous of me. We've already exceeded any length of time I have ever spent in a relationship before (in fact, for me, we passed that milestone a couple of years ago). I do believe this is his longest relationship, too...but he's not here to confirm with, and even though I am positive I have questioned him on the subject before, I apparently have chosen to forget the details of his other girlfriends. Fancy that.

And beside this being the longest relationship, we are happy. Well, at least I am happy (I have to let him speak for himself). I might be freaked out and in general a little insecure and a little kooky, but I am very happy and very much in a state of adoration of my Guy.

I think some of my freaking out has to do with (hold onto your hats!!) the fact that we are at present in escrow on a piece of property that we intend to purchase together so that we can live in it together several years from now, after MyFavoriteKid graduates. It's a live/work space that has a big open studio in the front and a humble abode in the back, and if all goes as planned, TheMIG would live there and for the next few years I would be there on my kid-free weekends, and also making use of the studio for dance projects and teaching. Then when MyFK graduates we re-evaluate the state of things, and the idea is that I would move in there. Kid my throw a wrench in that, and five years is a long time, but that's the notion, at least.

I know I haven't said anything here about this big plan so far.

Because I'm freaking out.

And because we're in the middle of inspections and I don't want to jinx it.

And because it's not only a huge financial commitment, but also a huge relationship commitment, and it's a commitment to a relatively distant 5-years-from-now future....which, having been in a huge life changing situation (the accident) that was also seven years ago....well, I'm flipping out a bit about putting all my eggs in a 5-years-from-now storage basket when I know what can happen in the blink of an eye. Dig?

Like I said, superstitious. Finger crossing, non-crack stepping, mojo mumbling, candle lighting crazy over here.

But crazy in love, too.



I read that as "don't put all my legs in one basket."

Anyway. Yep. Sounds scary scary. But all in all, a good plan.

Also, I have a thing to send you and have lost your address. Please send?

Lorena said...

Seven is a very lucky number, you know.

~Donna~ said...

Congrats on it all you crazy kids.


I thought the myth only applies to marriage. Unless I'm missing something and there's a big secret you've been keeping from me? ;)

The Bon said...

We're in year seven too. I'm not worried about the itch though, because I figure we've already had to go threw so much stress and issue that if either of us was going to pack it in we'd have done it already. Best wishes for you guys having an uneventful year seven!

not supergirl said...

Does it help if you think of this as year 8 in progress? For my man and me, the ugly all happened just before seven years, so I can vouch for the inaccuracy of the myth. ;)