Wednesday, December 01, 2010


If you flipped your calendar to December this morning and though, "holy crap, Christmas is coming," lemme have you try this one on for size:

I had to be done TODAY with all of my elf-ing, because tonight is the first night of Channukah.

It's always a little tough when it comes so early (it's a holiday that has a date that moves around). I didn't even have the Thanksgiving stuff packed up and put away yet, for crying out loud! All through October and November I had to be keeping my eye out for gifts, which just seems...wrong.

So today I packed up the glass pumpkins and silly turkey toys, and I pulled out the Channukah decorations. I had to find the stash of MyFavoriteKid's eight gifts (not so easy, because I had been hiding them for so long I almost hid them from myself), and then I wrapped them all. At his age, I am still doing one gift for each night. Seven of them are small and/or utilitarian....a couple of books, a wall calendar for next year, some clothes.... and then there's one "biggey" gift.

My mom is going to cook up a traditional dinner with the latkes and all on fixings on Saturday night, and then, next week, on the 9th of December??

It's over!

And most of y'all will have barely started.

I'll be in the corner with the eggnog giggling and watching Christmas specials.

It's not that I mean to be sniggering at those of you who will still be in the holiday rush, it's just that I have already had mine!

For those of you who visit here that also celebrate the Festival of Lights, have a really great holiday season. xoxo


~Donna~ said...

Saw on the news last night they were lighting the Mennorah in Union Square and thought...isn't it EARLY this year?

Have a Happy Channukah!

painting with fire said...

Painfully early this year - was not ready and my kids' throats are too sore for latkes :-( We'll celebrate starting a few days late..