Sunday, December 05, 2010

couple things i learned this weekend

I learned that the cat probably wasn't peeing in the warm dryer just to be in ass, but perhaps because he had worms. Yay. Saturday morning was spent taking a trip to the vet, and all animals in the house have been tended to accordingly.

I learned that I am bored to death with everything I have on the knitting needles right now and that I need to start something new to get myself inspired. And then I learned that my knitting supplies were too disorganized to spontaneously start something new, so I sat down and fixed that, which made for a really nice rainy day activity, actually. All of my needles are back to being sorted and organized and in the same box, stitch markers that are not in use are all in one tin, blocking pins and wires are back to being stored together. Stuff like that.

I learned that if you have anyone in your life that could be a candidate for the show Hoarders, you should never ever allow them to watch American Pickers. I just discovered this show this weekend and I watched a mini-marathon of past episodes while I folded laundry, did a little cooking, and sorted through the knitting supplies. American Pickers is kind of like the illegitimate child of Hoarders and Antiques Roadshow. The same exact "guest" could appear on either program, I swear it---the only difference is that if Hoarders knocked on their door, the film crew would include a donation truck, a professional organizer, and a therapist; if it's the crew of Pickers knocking they're gonna climb through your out-buildings full of shit, then haggle with you, and then actually give you money for all that stuff you've been saving forever, thereby reinforcing your stockpiling behavior. That being said, I really like watching American Pickers. It's kinda like going antique hunting or hitting up the garage sales without buying anything. I can dig that. And I kinda wonder if the Picker guys watch Hoarders and cry over the stuff being tossed. Hahahaha.

I learned that the reading of high blood pressure I had at the doc's on Friday may very well have been caused by tea. Yes, by tea. I went to brew up a pot of Aveda's Comforting Tea, and while the water was boiling, I looked over the label as it was my first time drinking it, and it said, "CONTAINS LICORICE: People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption". Hmmmm! Not so comforting!! And, isn't that funny, because all week long, I have been drinking cup after cup of Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat which, upon closer inspection, has a label that reads, " Contraindications: Do not use if you have impaired kidney or liver functions, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, or heart disease." So! I looked up licorice in my big mighty herbal bible, and it says, "Cautions: Avoid licorice in high blood pressure; it is believed to cause fluid retention. Licorice should not be taken with rapid heartbeats." I promise to check my blood pressure a few more times this week as the doctor suggested, but I swear, I have never had a problem before, and I also swear that I have been drinking the throat coat like nobody's business, and I'd betcha ten bucks that's what did it.

So that's what I learned this weekend. Not much. But something.

All in all, a good weekend. Kinda slacker-ish, and even though I still feel sick, I am definitely on the upswing. And I am now armed and ready to start a new knitting project.


Mouse said...

Wow.. thanks for supplying me with an answer as well. I have been drinking "gypsy cold care" and "throat coat" like crazy lately... duhr.

Unknown said...

Oh, I'm totally going to start watching American Pickers now. I'm sure they do get pissed off when they see how indiscriminately things get thrown out. It's a pet peeve of mine how people will start throwing things out when they're moving, even though 5 years of a sci fi magazine would be worth selling.

My family is so guilty of that, even when they just want to clean out the basement. I once went through a garbage bag of stuff my aunt was throwing out of the basement and sold what I found on eBay for $50. would you rather fill the landfill or your wallet? If it's garbage, why did you buy it in the first place?

Though with Hoarders, they keep old food and other stuff that really is garbage. And their good stuff isn't stored in a way that keeps it in good condition. And those people really wouldn't see the different between themselves and what Pickers are looking for.

idyllicchick said...

Have you seen Oddities yet?! It's like American Pickers but with stranger items. In one of the first episodes they bought and sold a decimated cat, just like the kind they find in Hoarders! Crazy cyclic tv world.

not supergirl said...

Oh my gosh,I just saw American Pickers for the first time today (a shame for an Iowa girl like myself),and I was thinking the same thing! I couldn't NOT think of Hoarders at the same time. It was truly bizarre.
Glad you have answers for the cat/dryer/peeing problem and the unexpected high blood pressure.