Sunday, December 19, 2010

ho. ho. ho.

Chanukkah is really the big deal around here, but I did grow up with Christmas also, and there so much of it I adore. I tried real hard today to get on the holiday bandwagon. With all the family stuffs we've been plowing through this past week, I hadn't done a single thing yet, and today was the day to do as much as I could muster. I threw on my Mickey/Santa hat, and went to town.

not too shabby for no make-up,
but the season really does call for some candy-cane lip gloss ;-)

I do have a penchant for Christmas music, so I played some of that today, but most of my holiday decorations are not so much about Christmas, but about Winter. Snow men, snow globes, holly. Today I bought a little wreath for the front door that looks like branches covered in ice crystals.

We all went out and braved TheLastShoppingSundayBeforeChristmas holiday madness and got the last of the gifts for TheMostImportantGuy's family, and also MyFavoriteKid shopped for gifts to take when he goes off to seem his dad's family for Christmas weekend. I was also short some wrapping paper, bows, and tape, so we filled that, too.

The tradition here is that TheMIG will show up at some point (I think it will be Christmas Eve Day this year) with a bottle of champagne, and I will plop on the floor with all of the wrapping supplies scattered around me, and he will not complain a bit as I watch old Christmas movies, and he will hand me gifts for wrapping and keep my glass full of bubbly. It's a pretty great tradition, I'd say :-)

I am going to spend a little bit more time "elfing it" tonight, but really, I feel so exhausted and I'm ready for sleep. MyFK has had a buddy over last night, and again tonight, which is a bit of extra energy out. I think tomorrow shouldn't be too nuts so maybe I can do some writing, but Tuesday is MrW's memorial, and I'm trying to keep an even keel here.

It's been somewhat surprising to me to discover how much this has taxed me, because it's not like I've been in deep emotional turmoil. It's more like I've been just upset enough to have it drain the batteries, if you will. I find myself with little time to myself, but then when I do have it, I'm often really tired, or craving cozy and/or slothful activities. I'm feeling at least like I am taking care of myself, and it's making it lots easier to take care of and support those around me.

It's like learning a new skill.

G'night y'all. *mwah*


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

*Mwah* back atcha. I think you are awesome and I'm very glad to see you are taking good care of yourself.

I love Christmas too - my favorite part of this season so far has been playing 'Jewish Santa' and delivering gifts to my department - most of whom are Muslim. :)

Mouse said...

I *definitely* need one of those hats for next year!!