Wednesday, December 15, 2010

in the eye

So much has happened, but so much is about to happen...and I kid you not, it's been raining for days, but today the sky is quite blue. It's like the eye of the storm.

The Catholic Service and the internment for MrW is tomorrow. You'd gave found me today doing (what felt like) twenty-seven loads of laundry, a clean up of the kitchen, a grocery run, waiting for UPS make a last attempt at delivery on some packages, and catching up on the blog. In other words, battening the hatches.

I did a lot of typing up of stories today, the ones I have promised to share, but they are horribly unedited, and cant get it done today as I had hoped. I did the typing, but when it came time to re-read it and re-organize it, because it was all over the map, MyFavoriteKid was home from school and we had a bunch of stuff to do together. He also had a school concert to perform in tonight.

Let me apologize for last night's post, just in case you caught it while it had more errors than there were complete sentences. It's been edited, but holy crap! LOL.

Also, I must say it again: you guys are just awesome. Thank you so much for all the comments, you guys are amazing. I'm sorry that what I wrote brought so many teary-eyed moments. I'm really just documenting this all for myself and inviting you along for the ride, but thank you so much coming. I'm still kind of in shock by all the de-lurkers. There are even a couple of you that made me feel like I was having a "brush with fame" or something because I'd been following your blogs or your knitting designs. What a crack up, and what a small world :-)

The burial is tomorrow, and so is dance class, so I bet tomorrow is scant as well. Editing of stories will happen soon. This storm shall pass. It has to.


The Bon said...

xoxo. hang in there, hopefully there's a rest coming after the storm passes.