Monday, December 13, 2010


There is a Part Two of the epic tale, and possibly even a Part Three, as I would like to document for myself what took place in the hours after MrW's passing, plus I would like to recount my own family's reaction to this event.

Unfortunately, tonight has taken a bit of a detour. TheMostImportantGuy called asking if he could come over to stay tonight because he left his keys for his home at the office. He drove up here for my spare keys, but is staying over tonight, and I prefer to spend time with him over typing.

Also, I am finding myself in a bit of a conundrum because I was just given the details around the mass, the burial, and the memorial, and I'm not entirely sure that I can make it to any of them, at this point (I'm sure I will work it out, but I'm not seeing how to do that right now, and it has me behaving buggy).

I also need to spend some time tonight calling back the friends if the family that I called over the weekend (we divvied up a list) to give them the details about when and where memorial things are happening. Plus add to that, I have the dancer's conference call tonight.

I'd like to commit to writing more tomorrow, but Tuesdays are my hell-day, where I'm out of the house and on the road for almost all of it, in and out of convalescent hospitals, and I just do not believe I will have enough time at a computer to write. You might be waiting for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I leave you with TheMIG's comment to yesterday's blogpost:

Thank you thank you thank you everyone :-)

PS - My dad's last words to me, spoken with calmness & sincerity about 24 hours before he died, were "Thanks for everything."

I cannot thank you all enough for the notes of love and support (and here's a little *wave!* to the folks who de-lurked to do it). Much hugs back at you.
I just typed, "Mugs at you."
Hahaha. I am so tired.
I even just called James at the convalescent hospital to confirm our visit tomorrow, and I dialed his number, but then forgot who I had called, and hung up on him as he was answering. Sweet, eh?! Hangin' up on ol' guys in the hospital.
Hand me a pillow and blankie please.


Anonymous said...

I'm in tears here. Thank you for writing. Please know that I will pray for the MiG, his family and for his dad.