Thursday, December 09, 2010

more like plagiarism

I really do have things of my own to say, but I couldn't put the thoughts into words earlier in the day, and now that I am home from dance class and it's after 11pm, I'm too tired to type what I am able to communicate.

I bring to you instead, and excerpt from an email I just read from my mother. I do not have her permission to reprint this, and I sure hope she doesn't mind, but if she does, it's too late now. The story is so hilarious to me (given all of the characters I have met visiting in convalescent hospitals).

The backstory: My grandma (my mom's mom), who is in her mid 90's, had lived alone in her own house up until this year. It's the same house my mom grew up in, so we're talking decades in same place, for grandma. This year, grandma was moved into a convalescent hospital. Big deal, of course....and a hard adjustment, to be sure. Here's proof of that.

The email from my mom, completely unedited:

Wanta' hear a funny story.......I spoke with my brother Ralph yesterday. Mom wanted to know where her Christmas trees were because she wanted one in her room. Well, he told her one had to be thrown away and the other was sold at a yard sale. She went BALLISTIC! Soooo, Ralph goes out and gets a 3ft. artificial tree that has little white lights. She went BALLISTIC again, saying "you know I only like muticolored lightes'! Ralph was so upset he went outside and had a cry. Two days later he went back with new lights and as he came in to the nurses station the nurses cried out to him......"did you bring the new lights"????? Evidently, Mom never calmed down about the lights. Wow......There's actually more to this story....I'm giving you the short version. My understanding is that Mom had a two-day tantrum about it......time to up the medication?? Ralph and I had a good cry about it but also had to keeps the spirits up.

I think the story is funny (and sad in some ways, of course), but what I REALLY find funny is that my mother just emailed me using MY blog voice. Elipses and caps and everything! (you forgot use wantonly use parenthesis, though Mom!)

Either I am turning into my mother, or she has been reading my posts for so long that I am rubbing off on her. I can't tell which.


Kathy said...

It is sad and funny at the same time. You've gotta laugh. The message is don't throw out your Mom's Christmas tree or you'll catch hell for it!